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We have received many ideas from teachers who have shared the way they have used The Adirondack Kids® books in the classroom. Some of those ideas are listed here.

Scroll down and also find tests for Accelerated Reader programs based on The Adirondack Kids® books.

If you have used The Adirondack Kids® in the classroom, we would love to hear from you!


Idea: CREATE & ILLUSTRATE POSTERS. One class assignment was to create and illustrate posters to help protect Common Loons. (See page 49, The Adirondack Kids® #1)

Idea: TEACH A SERIES OF LESSONS. A class in Kansas used The Adirondack Kids® #1 to teach a series of lessons including the geography of the Adirondack State Park (it's so flat in Kansas!); natural history of the region, (Black Bear, Common Loon); make and consume GORP (granola, oatmeal, raisins and peanuts); and take a field trip for an ice cream cone (we suppose many had chocolate with chocolate sprinkles).

Idea: SOLVE MATH PROBLEMS. In The Adirondack Kids® #1, Justin Robert considers collecting soda cans at 5 cents each to pay for his dad's ruined camera. How many cans does he need to collect to reach his goal of $600. (See page 81, The Adirondack Kids #1)

In The Adirondack Kids® #2 - Rescue on Bald Mountain, the Adirondack kids® are allowed by their parents 45 minutes to climb the mountain, ten minutes on top and 45 minutes to get back down. How long should the whole hike take? or, If the Adirondack kids® started climbing at Noon, what time should they return? (See Chapter 4)

Idea: DRAW & COLOUR A SCENE FROM THE BOOK. (It's amazing how many mountains will have razor sharp points on them!)

Idea: PROOF READ. Read Justin's poster on page 49 of The Adirondack Kids® #1. Mark the typographical errors like Justin's mom did, and then make corrections.

Idea: USE DAX FACTS. Check out the Dax Facts at the end of each story and have students expand on the subject matter. For example, in The Adirondack Kids® #1, find the picture and paragraph about the Common Loon. Have students visit the library and write an essay about the bird. In art class, let students draw or paint the bird.

Idea: STORY STARTER. The challenge: How did Dax get into the top of the fire tower? (The Adirondack Kids® #2 - chapter 13 ) Write a short story explaining the mystery.

Idea: SPONSOR AN AUTHOR APPEARANCE. Gary & Justin VanRiper visit schools, public libraries and Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) events.

Appearances are limited with Justin in school and to allow him to be a kid! E-mail or write for more information. See the Appearances page on this site for scheduled dates.

The ADIRONDACK KIDS® #1 - Book Point Test



The three best friends in the book, The Adirondack Kids®, are:

a) Justin, Casey & Peter

b) Justin, Julie & Billy

c) Curly, Larry & Moe

d) Justin, Jackie & Nick


The three Adirondack kids® have camps on which lake in the Adirondacks?

a) Third Lake

b) Long Lake

c) Fourth Lake

d) Loon Lake


Who wrote the book, The Adirondack Kids®?

a) Justin & Gary VanRiper

b) Jason & Harry VanRiper

c) Ashley & Joey VanRiper

d) Beverly Cleary


Dax is:

a) a calico cat

b) a black bear

c) a boat captain

d) a chipmunk


The Adirondack kids® do research in which public library?

a) Old Forge Public Library

b) Inlet Public Library.

c) Blue Mountain Public Library

d) Eagle Bay Library


Which item was not found in a buried tackle box?

a) fishing lure

b) comic book

c) wooden toy soldier

d) gold


Name the village created by the Adirondack kids®.

a) Pioneer Village

b) Souvenir Village

c) Village in the Pines

d) Cedar Town


Miss America is:

a) a mail boat

b) a pickle boat

c) a motor boat

d) the librarian


The Adirondack kids® hold special meetings at a place called:

a) the Cave

b) the Rock

c) the Forest

d) the boathouse


The Adirondack kids® try to protect a pair of:

a) Raccoons

b) Chipmunks

c) Common Loons

d) White-tail deer


What is GORP?

a) grapes, oranges, rice & plums

b) Go On Right Path

c) granola, oatmeal, raisins & peanuts

d) chewing gum


Conall McBrid 1e is a:

a) boat captain

b) airplane pilot

c) movie theater manager

d) cook


A kayak is a:

a) boat

b) sound a loon makes

c) camera

d) small animal


How much money does Justin receive for an old comic book?

a) $10

b) $100

c) $1000

d) $10,000


Justin sees a loon on Moss Lake with:

a) his mom

b) his dad

c) his grandfather

d) the librarian



____ Justin dislikes animals.


____ Dax attacks a boy on a jet ski.


____ Justin's friend drops a camera in the lake.


____ Common Loons have blue eyes.


____ The Adirondack Kids® deliver posters around the lake while riding on a train.


____ Justin is ten years old.


____ The Pied Piper is a musician at the Arcade.


____ The boys on jet skis chasing loons never get caught.


____ Justin has to pay for his dad's ruined camera.


____ Miss America is a boat.



Justin loves to sleep on the _______, except during thunderstorms.

a) couch

b) floor

c) sleeping porch

d) boat


Justin and his family see a _________while eating ice cream cones.

a) meteor

b) chipmunk

c) newspaper

d) black bear


On a rainy day, the Adirondack kids® visit the Arcade in _______.

a) the woods

b) Old Forge

c) Eagle Bay

d) Inlet


Justin types ________ on the family computer and delivers it around the lake.

a) an essay

b) a short story

c) a poster

d) a letter


Justin can't wave good-bye to the mail boat captain because his arms are filled with _________.

a) popcorn

b) Dax

c) peanut butter cups

d) loons

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