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The books

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The Adirondack Kids® #1

When an uncommon pair of Common Loons takes up residence on the lake, three best friends (The Adirondack Kids) will do all they can to protect them.

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The Adirondack Kids® #2 – Rescue on Bald Mountain

Two best friends (The Adirondack Kids) try to help another overcome his fear of heights by climbing a mountain.


The Adirondack Kids® #3 – The Lost Lighthouse

When a sudden and violent storm chases the trio of best friends (The Adirondack Kids) in a boat off the lake, they enter an unfamiliar forest that has harbored a secret for more than 100 years.


The Adirondack Kids® #4 – The Great Train Robbery

Three best friends (The Adirondack Kids) find themselves as reluctant detectives when a fake train robbery intended to be entertainment for tourists becomes the real thing.


The Adirondack Kids® #5 – Islands in the Sky

(1st place 2004-2005 for best children’s book: Adirondack Center for Writing Awards)

While three best friends (The Adirondack Kids) are on a quest to summit their first Adirondack high peak, one of those friend’s pet cat is having her own unintended tour of the entire Adirondack Park.


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The Adirondack Kids® #6 – The Secret of the Skeleton Key

The discovery of a skeleton key in a bottle floating on the surface of the lake leads the Adirondack Kids to unlock an old camp mystery.

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The Adirondack Kids® #7 – Mystery of the Missing Moose

A local newspaper is offering a cash prize for a photograph of an elusive moose. The Adirondack Kids are led into a series of encounters with wildlife as they search to find it.

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The Adirondack Kids® #8 – Escape from Black Bear Mountain

The Adirondack Kids approach a harrowing scene involving what appears to be the serious plight of a young boy their age and are unaware they have stumbled onto a movie set.


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The Adirondack Kids® #9 – Legend of the Lake Monster

The Adirondack Kids seek an encounter with Champ – the Loch Ness Monster of American folklore.

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The Adirondack Kids® #10 – The Final Daze of Summer

A ‘Rare Bird Alert’ causes The Adirondack Kids to investigate the waters and shoreline of the lake while avoiding a reportedly prowling black bear.


The Adirondack Kids® #11 – The Fall of Fort Ticonderoga

The Adirondack Kids inspire their community to produce a reenactment of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys and their capture of Fort Ticonderoga.



The Adirondack Kids® #12 – The Pond Hockey Challenge

One of the Adirondack Kids volunteers her two inexperienced friends to join her in a pond hockey showdown with a powerful rival from a neighboring hamlet.

The Adirondack Kids® #13 – The Carousel Case, The Bicycle Race & The Blackfly Bad Guy

Everywhere throughout the region there are reports of Black Fly artifacts gone missing. Three best friends (The Adirondack Kids) solve the mystery.


The Adirondack Kids® #14 – Journey into the Land of MakeBelieve

When The Adirondack Kids learn about a historic park for children that was finally swept away by years of flooding, they decide to create their own.


The Adirondack Kids® #15 – Mystery Under the Midnight Moon – A Collection of Short Stories

Five short stories involving the Adirondack Kids in various adventures including a missing cat, a lost ring, not-so-secret fears, maturing friendships and the introduction of a bright and inquisitive new character into the already close-knit circle of friends.


The Adirondack Kids® #16 – The Outlaws of Cascade Falls

The Adirondack Kids have heard there is an old safe abandoned somewhere along a trail in the deep woods and make it their mission to find it. What they don’t expect to find are giant footprints ten times the size of their own.

ADK KIDS 17_Cover.jpg

The Adirondack Kids® #17 – Spies on Castle Rock & the Secrets of the Secret Code

The Adirondack Kids form a team and plot a strategy to win a geocache competition that does not allow the use of any modern technology. It doesn’t take them long to discover not everyone plays by the rules.